Wine tour and tasting

We want to tell you the stories that lie behind each passionate year of production

Walk through the Is Cheas vineyards on a tour carefully designed for you, learn about the varieties of Sardinian grapes and enjoy a wine tasting of all Is Cheas wine labels at sunset.

Each season has its own and the winegrower has to take care of all of them to achieve a good harvest.
During the wine tour and tasting we organize at Is Cheas, we like to discuss the importance of these annual activities.While we walk throught a summer vineyard, before the wine tasting, we like our guests to experience the whole concept of what viticulture means.

Our wine tour & tasting

Cost: 40 euros per person/minimun 2 people
Juan Carlos, one of the owners, a viticulture and enologist, organizes Wine Tour & tasting where guests can discover all the steps that lie behind each passionate year of production and the vinifications process. After the vineyard tour you will enjoy a guided tasting of Is Cheas wine labels paired with each course of the tasting dinner menu.


The wine was very enjoyable and we purchased a bottle to bring home.
Their own wine is surprisingly good.

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