Sardinian wines from the Is Cheas wine resort

Sardinia is an ancient land known for its millenary vines. From archaeological research it emerges that the vine and wine were introduced by the Phoenicians about 5000 years ago. The vineyard area of ​​Sardinia is about 26,000 hectares with a total wine production of about 600,000 hectoliters, of which 56% of red and rosé wines and the remaining 44% of white wines. The main white grape varieties of Sardinia are Malvasia Bianca, Malvasia di Sardegna, Nasco, Nuragus, Semidano, Torbato, Vermentino and Vernaccia di Oristano. As for the black grape varieties, the main ones are the Spanish Bovale and the Sardinian Bovale, better known as muristellu, the Cagnulari, the Cannonau, the Carignano, the Girò, the Monica and the Nieddera.

Viticulture is an art that requires dedication, perseverance, curiosity, study and a lot of passion, as well as a little luck year after year. When we started with viticulture in 2014 we were immediately fascinated by the generosity that this crop can offer.

Variety of Sardinian blends in Is Cheas wines

At Is Cheas we grow varieties of certified Sardinian grapes: Vermentino (DOC), Cannonau, Monica and Bovale Sardo (IGT), which are then vinified by a prestigious winery of the Island. Our vines are grown in a sustainable way. Every year we integrate organic materials from the soil in order to improve its structure and nourish the plant. The orientation of the vines towards east-west allows the Mistral wind to flow between the rows, creating a microclimate that allows the grapes to give our wines an authentic flavor. The interaction of all these elements is what creates a unique and unrepeatable wine.

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC is produced with the Vermentino white grape. The Vermentino di Sardegna DOC denomination covers Sardinia in its entirety.
This wine has a straw yellow color. Its scent is pleasant and delicate, sweet and savory on the palate and of medium acidity.


Cannonau di Sardegna red wine is one of the types of wine provided by the Cannonau di Sardegna DOC denomination and the vines that fall into this category must contain a minimum quantity of Cannonau at 85%.
Cannonau wine is characterized by a more or less intense ruby ​​red color; it is pleasant on the nose while on the palate its flavor is dry, savory and characteristic.


Muristellu is the traditional name to define the Bovale Sardo, a black grape variety imported by the Spaniards around 1300. A ruby ​​red wine with a warm palate and an intense aroma.

Monica of Sardinia

Monica is one of the oldest and most cultivated vines in Sardinia. Monica falls within the composition of Monica di Sardegna DOC wines for a minimum of 85%, with a maximum allowed of 15% of other black grape varieties. It shows a ruby ​​red color, intense and pleasant to the nose, with hints of blackberry and almond notes, savory, tannic and soft.

During the Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting that we organize at Is Cheas, we want to tell you the stories that lie behind each passionate year of production. Juan Carlos, one of the owners, winemaker and enologist, will personally accompany you on a guided tour of the vineyards to discover the grape varieties of the farm, the ways of growing and pruning and all the annual activities of vine care.

After the tour begins the tasting of DOC and IGT wines paired with each of the courses of the tasting dinner menu of the Is Cheas restaurant.

Wines of Is Cheas


S’Ua, IGT, Is Cheas red wine, 2017.
A blend of Sardinian grapes obtained from the cannonau (30%), monica (30%) and muristellu (40%) vines in a garnet red color; intense aroma with hints of cherry, with a warm and well-structured flavor. Ideal to combine with meat dishes with an intense flavor or desserts.


Pintau, Valle del Tiros, claret wine from Is Cheas,  2018.
Claret extra dry, salmon pink color, with an interesting balance of citrus and rose petal scents. Ideal for aperitifs and raw fish for lunch in our Cottage Pool Bar.

Die Entosa 2019

Die’Entosa, Vermentino DOC, Is Cheas 2019 white wine.
Fresh and savory, with a straw yellow color, well balanced between acidity and minerality. Ideal for aperitifs and pairing with fish and vegetarian dishes or fresh cheeses.


Atonzu, IGT, Is Cheas 2019 red wine.
A cuvée of traditional Sardinian red grapes that combine cannonau (20%), monica (20%) and muristellu (60%). Full-bodied wine with a broad and persistent taste; characterized by garnet red reflections. Interesting to combine with meats with a strong flavor and aged cheeses.


Làgrima, IGT, Is Cheas 2020 red wine.
Cuvée wine of red berried grapes, cannonau (40%), monica (40%) and muristellu (20%). Ruby red wine, with hints of red fruits. Perfect match with grilled meat and cardoncello mushrooms from Is Cheas.


Òju, IGT, red wine from Is Cheas 2021
Cuvée wine of red grapes: monica (40%), bovale (40%) and cannonau (20%). Ruby red color, dry, with a strong flavor, hints of red fruits.

Tardivo di Is Cheas

Vermentino DOC, Is Cheas 2021 white wine
White wine, 100% Vermentino, intense yellow color, slightly acid with hints of almonds. Perfect for combinations of fish and white meats.

Your holidays at Is Cheas. Wine, relax and nature

At Is Cheas you can experience a relaxing holiday and treat yourself to the luxury of nature. Only here you can stay in a Sardinian Pinnetta, inspired by the ancient conical-shaped pastoral buildings typical of Sardinia. Each has a private swimming pool and a garden with a relaxation area and is surrounded by vineyards and mountains, immersed in the serenity of a peaceful countryside. Or you can also stay in our Farm House Suites, the suite of the manor house of the estate.
The chefs of this wine resort will delight you every evening with a high-level food and wine experience.
Every evening a dinner with a tasting menu awaits you to discover the flavors of this splendid Island. Each of the courses can be paired with our DOC and IGT wines, guiding you on a unique and unrepeatable path.