Best motorcycle routes and where to stay in Sardinia-Accomodations with private pool and garden

Are you planning to explore Sardinia by motorbike? Then Is Cheas boutique hotel and wine farm is the best address for you

Enjoy a stay in our accomodations with private pool and garden while visiting Sardinia

Sardinia has always been considered an ideal destination for motorcyclists, for its beautiful coastal views and hidden paths. Especially for this 2021 season, traveling by motorbike is an excellent solution that combines social distancing with all the emotions and the food and wine experience you surely desire from your holidays!

The island is the Italian region with the highest number of kilometers of coastline, almost 2000. The scenic roads are many and beautiful. But Sardinia also has mountains, canyons, waterfalls, and small, picturesque villages.

Here we suggest some routes you can take during your stay at Is Cheas.

We are located on the central west coast of Sardinia, an ideal site for visiting all the island by motorbike.

Route 1. (Is Cheas-Bosa-Alghero/Scenic coastal road with curves/97 km) On the west coast of Sardinia, the Provincial Road 105 which connects the beautiful city of Bosa to Alghero, is made of 47 kilometers of cliffs with breathtaking views. Along the way you can stop for a swim in the splendid coves and visit the cities of Bosa and Alghero, renowned for their coral and filigree jewelry and for the art of ceramics.

Route 2. (Is Cheas-Tortolì-Orosei/Scenic coastal road with curves/154 km) On the east coast, the state road 125, also known as the orientale sarda, crosses almost the entire east coast of Sardinia. From Orosei to Costa Rei passing through Dorgali, Calagonone, Baunei, Tortolì, this road offers unique and exciting views.

Route 3. (Is Cheas- Fonni-Desulo-Aritzo/Mountain road with curves/ 90km) Discovering the Barbagia region. A little known but interesting route if you want to know the most authentic Sardinia is the one that goes from Aritzo to Fonni, passing through Desulo and the Gusana Lake.

Route 4. (Is Cheas-Costa Verde/Scenic road with curves/77 km) The Costa Verde in a single path: dunes, sand deserts and ancient coal mines up to the beach of Piscinas.

Also, for a unique motorbike experience in Sardinia, here goes the advices of Georg and Sabrina, a German couple of bikers who have become our regular customers


When and how was your first trip to Sardinia?

In 2018 we spent two weeks in Sardinia. We stayed at Is Cheas and we drove all over Sardinia from there with our Multistrada 1260 S and Tiger 800 TRX. Sardinia is quite big, especially if you go through the mountains. The narrow roads, and sometimes hundreds of turns, brings down the average speed to around 40 – 50 kilometers per hour. You should consider that when planning your trip.

The location of Is Cheas close to “the middle” oft the island was chosen deliberately to be able to reach any destination from there.

The lodges called “pinettas” are furnished and equipped modern and have a lot of space for all the bike-equipment. After a long trip with thousands of impressions it is great to return and have a Cuba Libre made by Juan-Carlos (be careful, it is very strong mixture!!) or maybe a very good and cold Sardinia beer at the bar? In the evening there will be a four-course menu with lots of very tasty and very fresh dishes, most of them gastronomic specialties from Sardinia, made by two chefs. You will be able to taste the fun they have had preparing the dishes… …and then a Mirto as night cup…

What routes would you recommend taking to other motorcyclists?
Well, there are so many wonderful roads and trips and landscapes, but I would say the Street 125 that goes from the town of Orosei in the north-east of the island to that of Tortolì heading south is one of the greatest roads for bikers.But it is not the only one: it is well known that Sardinia is a dream for motorcyclists!