Sustainable luxury

A whole new concept of luxury

Sustainable luxury in a hotel in Sardinia

We want to offer a new luxury experience through sustainability, nature, architecture, privacy and food and wine journey

Today luxury should no longer be perceived as overabundance or excess but as a choice of sustainable and quality consumption.

Luxury is being able to choose what to consume and how. It is not only the product that has a value but the process by which it was made. Since we will be challenging climate change in the next years, our choices as consumers will be crucial.
And this is a transversal theme because it concerns different sectors: fashion, architecture, hospitality, food industry, just to name a few.

For us, sustainable luxury is a way of life.

This is the philosophy that guided the entire Is Cheas project, from architectural and energy desgin to the choice of quality over quantity.

Our project was born with respect for the environment, traditional and ancestral architecture, and the territory. Buildings were made with local environmentally friendly materials and inspired by the ancient conical-shaped pastoral architecture typical of Sardinia.

The basalt stones, the wood of the vault, the branches of the roof, the Sardinian sheep’s wool for thermal and acoustic insulation, the use of natural lime-based paints, are just some of the materials used considering both the well-being of our guests and respect for the environment. The suites, and their private pools, are powered by solar and biomass energy, equipped with all comforts, and managed with home automation systems for energy saving. The water is filtered through a special biodepuration system and reused to rrigate the many lawns and gardens of the farm.

But not only energy and architectural choices. Sustainable luxury is also an ethics of production and work.

Which autochthonous varieties of vines cultivate for the production of our DOC and IGT wines or which raw materials to produce or buy for our restaurant, are just some of the production choices that characterize our hospitality.

But none of this would turn into a life experience for our guests if it were not for the young and talented chefs, farmers and collaborators who with passion and determination give life to this reality every day.

What is luxury for us?

Sleeping under a thatched roof surrounded by the song of crickets; dine under a starry sky a few steps from the garden; feel the grass under your feet while sipping the wine from our vineyards; relaxing in your own swimming pool watching the horses grazing: this is what we call “ancestral luxury”.