Suite with private pool. Luxury hotel Sardinia

Comfort, privacy and social distancing in a Sardinian Boutique Hotel and wine Farm

Last year has been tough for many of us. Not only our way of life has changed, but also our way of thinking and feeling.
During these long months of lockdown, Juan Carlos and I have thought deeply about how to help our guests feel comfortable and safe in our Luxury Boutique Hotel without leaving aside the emotion of traveling.

The first question we asked ourselves was what the needs of tourists traveling in 2021 would be.
If, after many months of lockdown, on the one hand the desire to travel, live experiences and discover new tastes and places was certainly high, on the other, we knew that travelers also needed a place where they and their families  could feel as safe as at home.

With this idea in mind, we thought that a quiet countryside would be the best environment.

An opportunity to recover and spend time outside, but also to taste new flavors, wines and aromas.Our hotel was already located inside a ten-hectare farm, surrounded by mountains, vineyards, horse paddocks and gardens, but we thought that there was still something missing to meet the needs of 2021 travelers.

As a result, together with our landscape experts,  for each one of our Pinnette Suite we have created a beautiful garden with a private pool whereguests will be able to enjoy a glass of our wine and the beauty of the surroundings while relaxing in their private pool.

Since we have four Suite in a ten-hectare farm, we can offer a maximum level of comfort, privacy and social distancing.

This is also the ideal place for a workcation in 2021.

Working with our computer in a garden of aromatic herbs and ornamental plants, while still being close to our family, becomes an additional pleasure.

And if you want to get out of the privacy of your garden, the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Sardinia are right here, on the Sinis Peninsula