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We like to share the steps that lie behind our wines 


What are the yearly activities in the life of a vineyard?

Each season has its own and the winegrower  has to take care of all of them to achieve a good harvest.
During the wine tour and tasting we organize at Is Cheas,  we like to discuss the importance of these annual activities.
While we walk throught a summer vineyard, before the wine tasting, we like our guests to experience the whole concept of what viticulture means.

Today we want to share the  importance of a proper pruning, a topic of great interest for wine lovers.

It’s winter time. By now the vineyard has lost all of its leaves, so it’s time to prune!

Why is pruning so important?

In the wine world there is a say that the vineyards older than twenty years are the ones that produce the best wines. 
That is why, after many years of a proper pruning, the plant itself reaches an equilibrium between quantity and quality.
The colder months are the ideal time for pruning the vine. During these months, the vitis vinifera goes into lethargy. It is an important period, as the plant accumulates the supplies  it will need for the spring and the summer.

A correct pruning will extend the life of our plant.

A correct pruning will allow the outflow of the lymph without the interruptions, that could be caused by obstructing the passage of the sap.
There are different types of pruning settings, depending on the age and development of the plant.
Regardless of whether the pruning is for setting or production, certain parameters must be respected. The first is to look for the verticality of the stem.
This will allow the plant to grow with increasing age and its branches to fill the right space.The most important aspect for a live-long vineyard is to protect the passage of the lymph, leaving the external lateral channels free from cuts or, if necessary.
Finally, the so-called “technique of protective wood”, which consists in spacing the cut to avoid the entry of the drying cone, should be use.

During our wine tour and tasting, wine lovers can discover all the steps that lie behind each passionate year of production.